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22nd February 2014

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I’ve been waiting for this interview since when I discovered last year Vultures. Now, as you can see on social media they are working on their new record: we are talking about Kensington.

Kensington is a rock band from Utrecht, Netherlands. The band was formed in 2005 and has released two EPs and two albums since then. Their first album Borders was released in 2010. Its follow-up, Vultures, came out in 2012. Current band members are singer/guitarist Eloi Youssef, singer/guitarist Casper Starreveld, bass player Jan Haker and drummer Niles Vandenberg.

We had the chance to see them at Frequency festival 2013, just because their are focusing their relases into central europe area. But this is a chance to know them before getting bigger… and because they already  love Italy ;)

(sorry, there is a gap in the podcast because my recorder surely were emotioned or something too. It was dead but we immediately arranged the fix. Someone has learned some italian swearing… Blame it, poor thing)

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22nd February 2014

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How to start an year in interview in a great way: my first 2014 interview was with (half) Kodaline just before they won the Ebba awards (twice). Here’s our chat, I hope you will enjoy it!

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22nd February 2014

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Maybe the youngest dutch band we have the pleasure to interview in the late night of the 3rd day of Eurosonic: Soul Sister Dance Revolution.

Their first album is called Playground Kids, they’re from Den Haag, they were notice by 3FM Serious Talent last year… and they are presenting us who they are in a ten minutes chat (just because all the bios on internet are in dutch!)…

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22nd February 2014

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I had seen and reviewed him at Suikerrock 2012. Now he’s getting bigger in all Europe. Ozark Henry gave us 10 minutes of his time in Milan to tell us about his work and his new album…

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22nd February 2014

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This is our december interview with The Fratellis, a nice chat about their new work “We need medicines”, about their hiatus and about the use in Italy of Chelsea Dagger… :)

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19th February 2014

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I primi che però abbiamo beccato a Groningen sono gli M+A. Con i quali parliamo molto di estero, tra l’altro, e del clima (non della pioggia) che si respirava a Groningen.

Con loro chiudiamo questa piccola carrellata di italiani che hanno pubblicato un disco non recente ma con cui abbiamo parlato di un po’ di tutto.

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19th February 2014

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In un angolo di Groningen abbiamo incontrato i C+C Maxigross, e scambiato due chiacchiere in quanto plotone presente di italiani (non così pochi, non così tanti) nelle terre basse. Arriviamo dopo tutti, ma arriviamo facendolo all’estero: veh la differenza.

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19th February 2014

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Abbiamo fatto due chiacchiere telefoniche (perdonate la qualità) con Alessandro Ferri dei Soviet Soviet. L’album è uscito da un po’, ma le cose da dire sono sempre molte…

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4th March 2013

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Radiosglaps 3/3/2013

23:07:32    R.E.M. - Drive (Live Austin City Limits 5-24-2008)  
22:48:29    Bloc Party interview + Octopus
22:43:18    Andy Burrows - Because I Know That I Can
22:40:34    The xx - Chained
22:35:34    Atoms For Peace - Default (Radio Edit)  
22:31:24    Alt-J - Something good
22:27:42    David Bowie - I’d Rather Be High
22:22:34    David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
22:17:59    The Darkness - Nothin’s gonna stop us
22:13:12    The Vaccines: interview + Post break up sex
21:49:53    Muse - Dead Star
21:46:22    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Let the day begin  
21:40:50    The Maccabees - Ayla
21:35:21    Palma Violet - Best Of Friends
21:31:29    The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
21:22:56    The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love

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10th December 2012

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Me + Russel and Gordon from Bloc Party :)Ok, my interview confirmation said: you have an interview with Kele. I’ve studied for an interview based on the lead singer and guitarrist and when I arrived at venue the tour manager said that Gordon was ready to chat with me.

So this interview it’s 80% improvvisation!

Gordon Moakes is the bassist of the english group Bloc Party.

Bloc Party are a British indie rock band, composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Lissack (lead guitar), Gordon Moakes (bass guitar, synths, backing vocals, glockenspiel), and Matt Tong (drums, backing vocals). Their brand of music is said to have been drawn from such bands as The Cure,Mogwai, Siouxsie and the Banshees. The band was formed at the 1999 Reading Festival by Okereke and Lissack. They went through a variety of names before settling on Bloc Party in 2003. Moakes joined the band after answering an advert in NME magazine, while Tong was picked via an audition. Bloc Party got their break by giving BBC Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq and Franz Ferdinand’s lead singer, Alex Kapranos, a copy of their demo “She’s Hearing Voices”. In February 2005, the band released their debut album Silent Alarm. It was critically acclaimed and was named ‘Indie Album of the Year’ at the 2006 PLUG Awards and NME Album of the year which both honour indie music. That year, the record was also certified platinum in Britain. The band built on this success in 2007 with the release of their second studio album, A Weekend in the City, which reached a peak of number two in the UK Albums Chart and number twelve in the Billboard 200. In August 2008, Bloc Party released their third studio record, Intimacy. The band went on a hiatus in October 2009 to focus on side projects, and reunited in September 2011, releasing their fourth album, Four, in 2012. As of May 2012, Bloc Party have sold two million albums worldwide.

[Yes, in the pic there’s Russell too. Fangirling]

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