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3rd April 2014

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Forse il nome Matteo de Simone a molti di voi non dirà nulla, ma alcuni blogger più vecchi si ricorderanno di un giochino virale fatto ben OTTO anni fa (mentre splinder viveva, ed esistevano i blog come diari e non cose corporate). Quindi molti di voi, blogger, avranno ancora in casa il primo cd fatto dai Nadàr Solo.

Stasera però a Milano per gli Absolute Beginners saranno headliner i torinesi Nadàr Solo, trio che sta vivendo la stagione più importante della propria carriera. La parabola ascendente di Matteo De Simone, Federico Puttilli e Alessio Sanfilippo è iniziata con l’album Diversamente, come?, trainato dal successo del singolo Il vento realizzato con Il Teatro degli Orrori. Hanno collaborato inoltre con i Perturbazione per il brano Perso e partecipato ai tour di artisti come Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Il Teatro degli Orrori e Zen Circus. Lo scorso novembre la band ha pubblicato un EP live in free download con 7 tracce registrate durante un concerto allo sPAZIO211 di Torino, che include l’inedito Sveglia all’alba.

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2nd April 2014

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They have almost 50000 fans on facebook and we have never heard of them. But they performed in the great Vera club in Groningen during Eurosonic, and I’m still so grateful that exist a mailing list of delegates that made me discover those talented guys!

Kamp! has been around for a while having grown a massive domestic popularity in their native Poland and a niche global fanbase thanks to their smooth synth pop, that brings the new-wave feel to the retro chic of disco. With their warm, layered production, hit flavored melodies, hazy melancholic vocals and balearic vibe their music evokes images of dusk till dawn beach-parties, bittersweet road trips and dusty mirrorballs in long forgotten clubs.

With only one EP and two singles released in their own founded Brennnessel label, the three-piece band were immediately credited as one of Poland’s best export products, being featured in music press, prime-time radio playlists and playing tons of energetic, often sold-out club and festival gigs in Poland, and some of the most important global music events such as SXSW, Great Escape or Exit Festival. November 2012 they were ready to release their self-titled LP under Brennnessel imprint.

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2nd April 2014

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During Eurosonic on a charming hotel boat we had an interesting interview with the intense Scarlett O’Hanna. You won’t find lots of her bio… if you don’t listen to this interview. Really. Not only about her music but moving as artist and the different point of views country from country.

But, mostly, check her out: that’s her soundcloud and media page. She is a funny blogger too.

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2nd April 2014

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The freshly prized in The Netherlands just with Edison award for best rock album: but we catch them in quite late night before their performance under the rain of Groningen. This is our chat with Torre Florim of De Staat.

De Staat were started as a one man project by lead singer, Torre Florim, who later brought the band together. Their first demo was recorded in Florim’s apartment in 2007. Whilst still unsigned, the one man project grew to a full grown band, due to their well-received live performances in the Netherlands.

The band’s third album I_CON was released on 16 September 2013. It was recorded mostly in France. Torre Florim produced it himself in Nashville, together with Vance Powell, who worked with Jack White and The Raconteurs earlier.

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10th March 2014

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We had the pleasure of interviewing another EBBA Awards winner, the Austrian GuGabriel.

Gudrun Gabriele Liemberger (born in Freistadt) known by her stage name GuGabriel, is an Austrian singer-songwriter and musician. She is most famous for her single “Salvation" which has peaked to number 19 on the Austrian Singles Chart.

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25th February 2014

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This is our interview with Asgéir just before EBBA awards night.

Ásgeir Trausti is an Icelandic solo singer-songwriter whose music is described as melodic folk.An English language version of Dýrð í dauðaþögn under the title In the Silence is scheduled for international release on 27 January 2014, but was made available online on iTunes on 28 October 2013. The American singer John Grant helped with the translation of the lyrics and re-production of the English language album.

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22nd February 2014

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I’ve been waiting for this interview since when I discovered last year Vultures. Now, as you can see on social media they are working on their new record: we are talking about Kensington.

Kensington is a rock band from Utrecht, Netherlands. The band was formed in 2005 and has released two EPs and two albums since then. Their first album Borders was released in 2010. Its follow-up, Vultures, came out in 2012. Current band members are singer/guitarist Eloi Youssef, singer/guitarist Casper Starreveld, bass player Jan Haker and drummer Niles Vandenberg.

We had the chance to see them at Frequency festival 2013, just because their are focusing their relases into central europe area. But this is a chance to know them before getting bigger… and because they already  love Italy ;)

(sorry, there is a gap in the podcast because my recorder surely were emotioned or something too. It was dead but we immediately arranged the fix. Someone has learned some italian swearing… Blame it, poor thing)

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22nd February 2014

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How to start an year in interview in a great way: my first 2014 interview was with (half) Kodaline just before they won the Ebba awards (twice). Here’s our chat, I hope you will enjoy it!

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22nd February 2014

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Maybe the youngest dutch band we have the pleasure to interview in the late night of the 3rd day of Eurosonic: Soul Sister Dance Revolution.

Their first album is called Playground Kids, they’re from Den Haag, they were notice by 3FM Serious Talent last year… and they are presenting us who they are in a ten minutes chat (just because all the bios on internet are in dutch!)…

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22nd February 2014

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I had seen and reviewed him at Suikerrock 2012. Now he’s getting bigger in all Europe. Ozark Henry gave us 10 minutes of his time in Milan to tell us about his work and his new album…

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